The project is an initiative by cadets and alumni to re-launch The Cadet newspaper as the independent voice of the corps of cadets and alumni. Establish in 1907 and later abandoned for years, The Cadet was one of the first and the oldest independent college newspapers in the United States.

In short, The Cadet is the independent the voice of the corps and alumni

Through a collaborative effort between the cadets and alumni with positive help from those who share our mission and goals The Cadet serves to enhance the academic, military, and intellectual experiences of its cadet members interested in careers in journalism or related fields. This opportunity will enhance cadet professional development and offer leadership opportunities to practice academic, military, and personal skills. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Open Mindedness. 
  • Ethics.
  • Persistence.
  • Research Skills.
  • Technical Skills.

The Cadet will work with alumni who are Journalists and experienced in other fields as well as other private sector volunteers in assisting participants to not only develop these skills but put them to practice. Participants will develop the skills and traits necessary to make them successful to include, but not limited to, experience in reporting, layout, critical thinking, research and analysis, unbiased reporting, online and print media design, advertising, photography and a myriad of other areas.

To make this project a success WE NEED YOUR HELP through donations, purchasing advertising, contributing articles volunteering and other support. Please follow the link below to learn how you can join in!