MEMBER – Alumni Free Speech Alliance

The Cadet Foundation is a proud and honored member of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance. On many campuses, students and faculty are attacked for exercising free speech. According to the FIRE survey, over 80 percent of students at the schools surveyed said they self-censor in the classroom, on campus, and online. The members of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance encourage alumni from other colleges and universities to form their own organizations to support free speech, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity at their institutions. Members of the Alliance are committed to providing resources and mentoring to assist with the creation of new alumni groups. The Cadet Foundation is honored to join such prestegious SFA Members as Bucknell (Open Discourse Coalition), Cornell (Cornell Free Speech Alliance), Davidson (Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought & Discourse), Harvard(Harvard Alumni for Free Speech), Lafayette (Alumni/Alumnae Coalition for Lafayette), Macalester (Macalester Alumni of Moderation), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Free Speech Alliance), Princeton (Princetonians for Free Speech), Stanford(Stanford Alumni for Free Speech and Critical Thinking), University of North Carolina (UNC Free Speech Alliance), and University of Virginia (The Jefferson Council), Washington & Lee (The Generals Redoubt), Wofford (Alumni for the Wofford Way), Yale (Fight for Yale’s Future). For further information on supporting Free Speech at the Virginia Military Institute contact the Foundation’s AFSA POC, Tim Cordle ’79: 79keydet[at]


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