Support the Graduation 2021 Issue

We are preparing for our re-launch.

While we wait to work through the normal processes at VMI for next year our target is a prototype publication for the graduation of this year’s first class to celebrate the class of 2021!

In addition to coverage of the graduating class it will also include updates on the new ranks for next year and other news from within the corps!

The intent is to provide this “Graduation Special Edition” FREE to all cadets with the rest going free to families or others. It will also be offered FREE online in a digital version for everyone to read and download

To meet this goal we need support in two areas.

  1. Advertise in the paper or help find companies and persons to buy advertising or make a donation to cover the re-start costs. A great opportunities for families and others to congratulate their cadets!

You can find the advertising cost sheet at this link:

We have some businesses already interested in taking out a “congratulations advertisement” to promote their business so I hope you will pass this around.

  1. Job opportunities for graduates.

If you or your business are interested in attracting great talent form the class of 21 or other members of the corps, please send a brief description of the job opportunity(ies) and the contact information (limit 5 lines)

Send to:

3. Follow the link to donate online or text keyword “cadetnewspaper” to 41444 on your smart phone and follow the directions in the link we send back. Donations are tax deductible.

4. If you would like to contribute an article to the newspaper please contact us at

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